26 août 2014

/ Escarface - Graduation short movie

After 5 years of studies, Supinfocom is over. Here is my graduation short movie, Escarface, co-directed with five people in a nine months period. The story is about two grannies, Yvette (the smart one) and Madeleine (the foodie), who decide to do a bank robery to get enough funds in order to take part of a package tour to the Stool Museum. The movie is a cartoon made on 3DS Max, in which the humour and the characters are crazy.

The movie is part of the Vimeo Staff Picks and has been selected at the Animation Film festival of Paris 
(7th edition) by the Croq'Anime association.

1 novembre 2012

/ La misère serait moins pénible au soleil - The movie

There it is ! Finally ! Here is my one minute short movie, inspired by the Charles Aznavour's song "Emmenez-moi". Also, some more pictures to give you a last foretaste of this short movie.
Directed and made alone during my 4th year at Supinfocom – for 6 months – the story is about a destitute man, living in a shack on a beach, who will find a solution to get rid of the mist he is surrounded by permanently.

/ La misère serait moins pénible au soleil - The poster

Long time no see ! After more than two very interesting months in intership at Sacrebleu Productions – on the TV series Portraits de Voyages/Faces and Places for the TV channel Arte – and a bit of rest, here I go for a fifth and last year at Supinfocom. Schedule : filmmaking of a 5 minutes short movie, 6 people, 9 months.
That was about the numbers, but for now I (finally !) publish the poster of my one minute short movie made solo last year. In the next article, you will be able to watch this movie.

19 avril 2012

28 octobre 2011

/ Lipsync

Here is an animation from a character modelisation (head only). I modeled a head, rigged and skinned it, and chose a quote from Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) in Star Wars - Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace to animate and make the character speak.

27 octobre 2011

/ On a misty beach... | Colorboards for the one minute short movie

The colorboards of the several shots/backgrounds from my one minute short movie entering into production... Soon !
Below you can see the five colorboards and some sketches of the main character :

5 octobre 2011

/ Start of the year and film proposal

Vacation are over, let's go for another year ! Program : filmmaking of a one minute only short movie, solo, but also pre-production of the 5 minutes graduation movie.
As a gift, some colorboards from my film proposal.